Rooted in hospitality and customer service, Kelsey Williams Weddings + Events is dedicated to creating a legacy of memories our clients can experience for a lifetime.


Hi, I’m Kelsey. Let me help you make your wedding dreams come true.

From my childhood, as far back as I can remember, I have always been enthralled with all things wedding. It's the romance, the excitement, the hair and makeup, the cake, the DRESS, the first dance.

It’s the happily ever after; it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

Another thing that I have always had is a creative eye and a creative drive. It's the colors, the theme, the decor, the invitations, the table runners, the train following you just perfectly so as you walk down the aisle.

It’s the details; it’s the aesthetic.

It’s all things pretty, all things classy, and all things you hope to see when you arrive on your wedding day.

It’s everything, and then some.


Hi, I’m Anissa. Let me help you create an experience of a lifetime.

ALL things classy, divine, fabulous, girly, glam and pretty are engrained in my DNA. In fact, my motto is to accept nothing less… Beauty in every place is a prescription for happiness and joy.

Life is a series of “events”, Weddings and Celebrations are among those special events that I revel in. The beautiful colors and palettes, the lush florals, the charming settings, the picturesque spaces, the gorgeous destinations, the gathering of family and friends.

Having been blessed with impeccable organizational skills, a keen eye for design, attention to detail, and a passion for interpreting visions, it is an absolute pleasure to utilize these gifts to create memorable experiences for our clients. It’s the design element, the style, the textures, the curation, the flawless execution…

It’s the vision come to life!

It’s everything, and then some.

Lagniappe: "Everything, and then some"


One of the most important influences in this company is a strong connection to the city that we love: our hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. With the influences of France, Spain, the Caribbean, and of course Creole and Cajun, one can expect that we'd have a very colorful way with words. As a matter of fact, down there, we pretty much have a language all our own. 

The phrase “Lagniappe” hails from our home state of Louisiana, and it’s the driving force of this company. Put simply, it means "A little something extra". Back in the good old days. the local shop owners would include an extra "gift with purchase", if you will, to their favorite customers. It could be an extra piece of candy in the bag to a small child, or an additional quarter of a pound of cold cuts at your regular delicatessen. It was a little token to show that they appreciate your patronage, and to make sure you know it.

Lagniappe may be an old term, but it's something that has shaped the way that we care for, craft, and cater to you and your event. With Kelsey Williams Weddings + Events, you can be sure of one thing...Lagniappe is exactly what your wedding experience should be: Everything, and then some.